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Site Description:

This site represents information primarily relating to the descendents of Stephen (Etienne) & Frances (Françoise) [Billerey] Subra, who immigrated from France to the United States in the early 1800s. My hope is to explore our connections to European ancestors and distant living Subras found all over the world, and include their information as well! This web project was started August 18th, 2000.


If you have any information that may prove helpful in the ongoing research of the Subra family, please submit via e-mail or web form.

Recent Updates:

Jean Billerey Naturalization Documents (added 03 OCT 2005)

Jean Billerey (Billery, Bera) was my g-g-g-g grandfather who came to the United States in 1831, settling in Jefferson County, NY (Lyme, then Cape Vincent). His daughter, Françoise (Frances), married Etienne (Stephen) Subra, who also came from France.

2005 Subra Reunion Pics! (added 30 AUG 2005)

See the pictures from our 2005 reunion held in Blair, Wisconsin!

Subra Civil War Records (added 22 DEC 2004)

Here's the first installment of Civil War military information. Two served in the Union (Northern) Army. Keep checking back. I have much more to add.

2004 Subra Reunion Pics!  (added 04 AUG 2004) - UPDATED 27 SEP for easier viewing!

Here's pictures from the 2004 Subra Reunion, held July 24th at West Union, Iowa (Roger & Marlyn Subra's home). I haven't attempted to label the pictures, as I took as many as I could. NOTE: I air-brushed out all the ugly people, so only good-looking people are left!
If you want larger pictures, let me know which ones, and I can e-mail them to you. I had to shrink them down to make them reasonable for viewing.

"Introducing..." Subras from all over sharing about themselves (updated 8 JUL 2004).

We welcome our latest addition, María Subrá, from Spain! You may submit your information, too! Just send your info to me, and let me know that it is OK to put it on the web site. I'll also list your e-mail address unless you instruct me not too. NOTE: I'll only put information on the web site that you give me permission to do so. (page begun 10/31/2003)

Subra Descendents - Expanding Edition! (updated 8 JUL 2004)

Click on a name to expand or collapse! Great for browsing our growing "descendents list"! 

 Grave Site of Stephen Subra (added 6 JUL 2004)

Seven Mile Creek Cemetery, Lamartine, Wisconsin - Stephen was the first Subra from France, and my g-g-g grandfather.

A New Subra - Daniel Kevin Subra - our 13th child, arrived March 26th at 9:15 AM.

Grave Site of Civil War Soldier John Subra (added 29 SEP 2003)

John fought with the 21st Wisconsin Infantry. Beyond my wildest dreams, I recently "discovered" his burial site, and have received photos from a very friendly cemetery caretaker.

Pictures From the 2003 Subra Reunion (added 29 JUL 2003)

Held July 26 at Edgewater Park in Albert Lea, MN - if you missed this great day of sharing (and eating!), take a peek!

A New Descendent! (added 28 MAR 2003, updated 7 APR 2003)

This webmaster meets his first grandchild - Lydia Renee Black, born of Shane & Esther (Subra) Black on March 28, 2003.

Cousins Meet! - (added 16 MAR 2003)

Kevin meets Marian! Marian is the first cousin of my father, Glen Subra. Marian's sister, Laura, and Dad's father, Everett, were siblings.

Subra Military Service (updated 11 NOV 2002)

Records of Subras in the military. Recently I added scanned pages of the Civil War Index for John & Stephen Subra, both soldiers in the Union Army. I also added the same for Daniel Marshall, who married Frances Subra, oldest sister of John & Stephen.

Subra Cemetery Records & Pictures (last addition: 6 JUL 2004)

Includes growing list of cemeteries, and who's buried in them, along with grave marker pictures, as available. I have six completed:

  • Seven Mile Creek, Lamartine, Wisconsin (2 pictures) - (added 6 JUL 2004)

  • Marietta National Cemetery, Marietta, Georgia (7 pictures)

  • Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Minnesota (2 maps, 12 pictures).

  • Riverside Cemetery, Dodge Center, Minnesota (1 map, 12 pictures).

  • Claremont Street Cemetery, Claremont, Minnesota (1 map, 24 photos).

  • Evergreen Cemetery, Vinton, Iowa (2 maps & 7 pictures), with more to come!

2002 Subra Reunion Pictures!

A selection of pictures from the Subra family reunion held at Preston, MN, on July 27th, 2002. Attendees included all nine "children" of Everett and Lucy [Yarwood] Subra! Also, this year we "expanded coverage" with Earl's son Robert & family (Everett and Earl were brothers, sons of William John & Bertha [Dennis] Subra). We're hoping to expand the reunion to even descendents from farther back!

Page Descriptions:

Subra Locations

Where are Subras, and where have they been? This page helps show this information.

Subra Sightings 

Interesting occurrences of the word/name "Subra" as it shows up throughout the world. This page includes usages of "subra" found in other languages.

Subras in the Military

Subras that have served in the military, and when. Included are several Civil War veterans (from both sides!). Check out closely this picture of a Civil War memorial in Sheboygan, Wisconsin!

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